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What is the conductive adhesive Tape

  • Conductive tape is a conductive tape made of conductive media. It has the characteristics of good flexibility, strong adhesion, and good conductivity is widely used in anti-shielding applications, and is easier to process and operate than metal.
  • Conductive tape is a kind of metal foil or conductive cloth with high conductive backing. Its conductive backing and conductive substrate form a complete conductive body, which can be bonded with any metal surface to complete the electrical lap and electrical closure of the gap. Conductive tape is an economical and easy-to-use shielding material. Used to seal the seams of Kawasaki shielding chambers, housings, and electronic equipment, wrap cables for shielding, provide a reliable grounding surface, and provide electrical contact to non-welded surfaces, conductive fabric tape combines the conductive shielding properties of conductive fabric with the soft and snug properties of tape while being thin, light and durable. In dynamic friction and corrosion-prone environments, it still has a good shielding effect. It is a good shielding material with a wide range of applications.

Conductive adhesive tape is usually based on the base resin and conductive filler that is the main component of the conductive particles, through the bonding effect of the base resin to the conductive particles combined together to form a conductive pathway to achieve the conductive connection of the bonded material. As the base resin of the conductive adhesive is an adhesive, you can choose the appropriate curing temperature for bonding, at the same time, due to the miniaturization of electronic components, miniaturization, and printed circuit boards, and the rapid development of high-density and highly integrated, and conductive adhesive can be made into a slurry to achieve a high line resolution. And the conductive adhesive process is simple, easy to operate, and can improve production efficiency, so the conductive adhesive is an alternative to lead-tin solder Q, to achieve the ideal choice of conductive connection.

Conductive cloth material role

Conductive cloth whose base material is polyester fiber, of course, the conductive cloth itself is a good conductive role, so the need to electroplate the surface of the polyester fiber metal materials, generally aluminum foil.

The conductive cloth fabric composition of polyester fiber is a fiber cloth, which we often say is polyester fiber! The appearance of the organizational structure can generally be divided into plain and grid organization.

And conductive cloth also has the following roles:

  1. can eliminate static electricity caused by the clothing fit, tangled, not easy to get dust, and dirt, and easy to wash.
  2.  can also eliminate the harm of static electricity on the human body, and eliminate the unpleasant feeling generated by static electricity when the human body moves or is put on and taken off.
  3. with excellent anti-static performance, and washing resistance.
  4. in electronics, instrumentation, and other industries can prevent damage to electronic components caused by static electricity and aging; the petrochemical industry can prevent the danger of combustion, explosion, etc. caused by static electricity.

The role of conductive cloth is to bring convenience to people, the role of conductive cloth is shielding, and computers, cell phones, shielded wire, etc. will produce very large electromagnetic waves, which is very bad for the human body, especially for pregnant women and children affect their brain development, serious cases can lead to incomplete development of brain function and other problems, so we should use a conductive cloth to minimize electromagnetic wave radiation.

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