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Conductive double-sided adhesive tape

Conductive double-sided adhesive tape is a high-performance pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive with excellent bonding properties. After cleaning the area to be bonded, the conductive double-sided tape is applied and pressed at the same time, it provides high-performance bonding and conductive properties.

Conductive double-sided adhesive tape
  • Product name: conductive double-sided adhesive
  • Product substrate: conductive cloth
  • Product Size: Support customization
  • Product features: conductive shielding

Conductive double-sided adhesive tape Features

  1. Conductive double-sided adhesive is roll material, can be free die-cutting molding or slitting into different widths of the tape; and has excellent anti-aging and UV resistance.
  2. Selected materials, the shielding effect is effective shielding of electromagnetic radiation shielding value of 99.999%.
  3. Conductivity and shielding, good conductivity and shielding effect of heat conduction performance is strong
  4. Oxygen and corrosion resistance, good ductility, easy to extrude, processing, corrosion resistance, and weathering are good

Conductive double-sided adhesive tape Application

  • Conductive adhesives are used in the microelectronic assembly, including fine wire and printed lines, plating substrate, ceramics adhering to the metal layer, metal chassis connection, bonding wires and tube holders, bonding components, and through the printed line of the flat surface holes, adhesive waveguide, its main applications such as telephone and mobile communication systems; radio, television, computer, and other industries; automotive industry; medical equipment; to solve the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), etc. Aspects.

Conductive double-sided adhesive tape Directions For Use

  • Ensure that the bonding surface is clean at the time of use, otherwise clean the surface to be bonded with a cleaning solvent and dry it before bonding. The bonding surface must be dry, wet environment will affect the linear release of polyethylene in the gel, resulting in a decrease in adhesion. Do not repeatedly uncover the adhesive after bonding, otherwise, it will affect the bonding performance.

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