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The function and principle of conductive cloth

A. What is the conductive fabric?

  • Conductive fabrics are mainly made of polyester, electroplated with metallic nickel, then a highly conductive copper layer, and then electroplated with oxidation and corrosion-resistant nickel metal.
  • The combination of copper and nickel provides good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding, a shielding range of up to 100K-3GHz.

B. What material does the conductive fabric consist of?

  • Polyester and conductive fibers for the main materials of conductive cloth, fabrics have plain, grid (twill), non-woven, and other differences.
  • Next is the plating, generally nickel, gold, silver, carbon, aluminum, etc., which is divided into nickel-plated conductive cloth, gold-plated conductive cloth, carbon-plated conductive cloth, aluminum foil fiber composite cloth and other types.
Conductive Nonwoven Tape
Silver gray conductive tape

Third, what are the characteristics of conductive cloth?

  1. Good conductive properties of conductive cloth, good electromagnetic shielding effect
  2. Good bending durability.
  3. Conductive cloth is rich in non-flammable material.
  4. Surface coating and bonding and other secondary processing performance are good.
  5. Conductive cloth is very flexible, easy to process, stamping, wrapping, etc..

Fourth, what are the mature conductive cloth applications?

  1. Conductive cloth can eliminate static electricity caused by clothing fit, and winding, is not easy to stain dust, is dirt-resistant, and is easy to clean. Polyester fibers are prone to static electricity, adding conductive fibers will make the fabric conductive, conductive fibers through the conductive filaments release the body's static electricity, and therefore do not produce static electricity.
  2. In some special industries and application scenarios, the need to prevent static electricity, such as the petrochemical industry will be due to static electricity and produce combustion, explosion, and other hazards, with conductive fabric made of isolation parts or protective clothing, protective gloves, etc. can be a good solution to this problem.
  3. In electronics, instrumentation, and other industries use conductive cloth, which can prevent electronic component dysfunction. It is suitable for professional shielding work clothes engaged in electronic, electromagnetic, and other strong radiation operations, shielding room special shielding cloth, IT industry shielding parts special cloth, popular touch screen gloves, shielding curtains, and so on.

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