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Conductive foam on the motherboard

Conductive foam is a type of foam with conductive properties. It is made of conductive materials such as nickel, copper and other metal powders combined with foam. This material has good elasticity and compression and shock absorption, and can maintain stable performance in a variety of complex environments.

Die cutting is an important part of the product molding process. Through die cutting, the foam can be cut into specified shapes to meet a variety of customer applications. Die-cut conductive foams can be used in a variety of places where conductivity is required to play the role of connection and conduction!

Advantages of Conductive Foam Die-Cut Products

  1. Conductive foam has good conductive properties, can effectively prevent electronic products from generating static electricity, to avoid damage to electronic components due to electrostatic discharge.
  2. Conductive foam is light weight, soft texture, easy to install and move. And can effectively reduce all kinds of electromagnetic interference, effectively improve the stability of the equipment.
  3. Conductive foam has good corrosion resistance, suitable for a variety of harsh environments.

Conductive foam on the motherboard application

  • Conductive foam can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, but also play a role in grounding, sealing, buffering, improve the quality and stability of the signal. When used as a sealing material it can effectively prevent liquid and gas infiltration. When it is used as grounding, it can improve the safety of electronic products. As a cushioning material, it effectively relieves external shocks.

In addition to its application on motherboards, conductive foam fully meets the demand for new anti-static materials in high-tech enterprises such as optoelectronics, microelectronics, aviation, aerospace, communications, military, chemical and chemical industries. At the same time, conductive foam is also often used in the manufacture of electronic equipment shields, electromagnetic shielding materials, static eliminators and electromagnetic wave absorbing materials due to its excellent conductivity and flexibility.

Conductive foam on the motherboard

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