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    We are an adhesive tapes provider and converter located in China

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    Branded tapes are in stock. 3M, TESA, NITTO, SEKISUI, etc. Fast delivery

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     Coating, Rewinding,Cutting, Slitting, Rewinding, Die-cutting, Spooling, etc

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    More than 10 years of converting experience to quickly match and understand your tape needs
Adhtapes Ltd
Adhtapes Ltd is located in China and concentrates on providing adhesive tape whole sets solutions as well as adhesive tape materials.
As an adhesive tape production and conversion company, we have professional production and conversion machines to serve different tape products and customer needs.
Our services include coating, slitting, cutting, rewinding, die-cutting, laminating, spooling, etc. The main markets we serve are China, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. To meet the different needs of customers, we always have sufficient inventory to support customers' business.

AdhTapes Conductive Tapes

 AdhTapes provides one-stop conductive tape solutions from manufacturing to converting. Main products include Copper foil tapes, Aluminum foil tapes, Conductive thermal tapes, Conductive tapes, Conductive sponges, conductive foams, etc.

Copper Foil Tapes

Copper Foil Tapes

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Aluminum Foil Tapes

Aluminum Foil Tapes

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Conductive Thermal Tapes

Conductive Thermal Tapes

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Conductive Tapes

Conductive Tapes

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Conductive Sponges

Conductive Sponges

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Conductive Foams

Conductive Foams

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One-stop Adhesive Tape Solution Provider From China

ADHTAPES focuses on providing adhesive tapes and whole sets solutions. As a professional adhesive tape production and conversion company, we have coating machines, cutting machines, die-cutting machines, rewinding machines, spooling machines, and testing equipment, providing tape production, and conversion services.

Adhesive Tape Coating

Tape Coating

 Adhesive tape coating is the process of producing tape master rolls.

Adhesive Tape Rewinding

Tape Rewinding

 Ahesive tape rewinding is the process of producing tape log rolls.

Adhesive Tape Cutting

Tape Cutting

 Adhesive tape cutting is the process of producing tape small rolls.

Adhesive Tape Slitting

Tape Slitting

 Adhesive tape slitting is the process of producing tape small rolls.

Adhesive Tape Laminating

Tape Laminating

 Adhesive tape laminating is the process of producing multilayer rolls.

Adhesive Tape Die-cutting

Tape Die-cutting

 Adhesive tape die-cutting is the process of producing tape die-cuts.

Adhesive Tape Spooling (2)

Tape Spooling

Adhesive tape spooling is the proces of producing spool rolls.

Adhesive Tape Manufacturer

Adhesive Tape Manufacturer

Adhesive Tape One Stop Solutions

Adhesive Tape One Stop Solutions

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ADHTAPES aims to become a solid one-stop supplier in the adhesive tape industry. Our products are widely used in which cover home appliances, 5G communication, new energy vehicles, security electronics, communication base stations, medical equipment, mobile phone computers, etc.

5G communication
Communication base stations
New energy vehicles
Mobile phone computers
Medical equipment
Security electronics

Why Choose Us

 More than 10 years of converting experience to quickly match and understand your tape needs


One-stop solution provider for adhesive tapes and die-cutting materials.
From adhesive tape coating to die-cutting and printing.


All branded tapes and materials are guaranteed to be 100% original and genuine. ADHTAPES provides professional conversion services.


Regular materials are in stock to ensure fast shipment. Strong production capacity ready to convert to ensure fast order fulfillment.


Adhtapes Team is experienced in converting adhesive tapes. Skilled workers to ensure perfect production of your orders.


Professional production, engineering, sales and  to ensure your order goes smoothly. Professional logistics teams ensure your order goes quickly.


Free sample support until the project is successfully tested. Both OEM and ODM customization are welcome.

About Us

We are adhesive materials and whole set solutions provider in China.

We provide standardized adhesive tapes as well as customized services from coating to die-cutting.

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