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What is the role of aluminum foil tape?

aluminum foil tape waterproof

The introduction of aluminum foil tape

Aluminum Foil  Tape is made of aluminum foil with purity higher than 99.95% and high quality pressure sensitive adhesive, which not only has good adhesion and strong adhesion, but also improves the heat insulation performance and aging resistance at the same time. Aluminum Foil Tape is the main raw and auxiliary materials for refrigerator and freezer factories, and is also a necessary material for the distribution department of thermal insulation materials, with the lamination of all aluminum foil composites, the sealing of the puncture points of thermal insulation nails, and the repair of damaged parts. It is widely used in refrigerator , air conditioner , automobile , petrochemical, bridge , hotel, electronics and other industries.

The application characteristics of aluminum foil tape are as follows:

  • Anti-corrosion coating, and the anti-corrosion performance is greatly improved. Adopting polyethylene hot air laminating method, no need for laminating adhesive, eliminating the hidden danger of corrosive molds on the surface of aluminum foil triggered by adhesive residue.
  • Direct hot compression composite, eliminating the need for composite adhesive, saving the cost of veneer composite.
  • Water vapor permeability is smaller, strengthening the water vapor barrier effect.
  • Better tensile strength, veneer more straight. More suitable for glass wool factory, rock wool factory, mineral wool factory online lamination.
  • Flatter laminating surface, reducing the chance of damage to the surface of aluminum foil: glass fiber cloth aluminum foil is not easy to be damaged by friction on the surface of aluminum foil due to its fine cloth quality and thick polyethylene layer, which makes the laminating surface more flat.
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Aluminum foil tape action

The base material of aluminum foil tape is aluminum foil, and the adhesive layer is made of high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive. Aluminum foil has excellent performance, and when used on electronic products, it can effectively shield electromagnetic waves and prevent unnecessary voltage and current from affecting the normal use of electronic products. At the same time, it can also isolate the electromagnetic waves of electronic products from causing harm to the human body.. Aluminum foil tape is often used in all kinds of transformers, laptops, computers, mobile phones, PDPs, PDAs, LED displays, copiers, and other electronic products, is to play its electromagnetic shielding function. It can be used outside the steam conduit to avoid temperature loss. Aluminum foil tape is made of polyester fiber, which is not easy to crack and damage after repeated use or multiple bending, and can be easily wound and bonded on the wire, and can also be cut into various specifications according to customer requirements.

Aluminum Foil Tape Application (3)

Aluminum foil tape use precautions

  1. Before using aluminum foil tape, clean the substrate that needs to be used, and remove floating ash and stains. Generally used in electronic products, can not be wiped with water or a wet cloth, to clean with a dry cloth or dry brush.
  2. After cleaning, tear off the aluminum foil tape to operate. Aluminum foil tape uses high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is very strong, so it is necessary to determine the location of the connection.
  3. After pasting, press repeatedly on the aluminum foil tape with your fingers for several times, so that the adhesive layer can fully play its role and the bond is sufficiently tight. There is excess glue on the edge of the tape, and it can be carefully removed with a blade.
  4. Tapes that are not UV resistant should be avoided from sunlight and residual adhesive phenomenon;
  5. Different environments and different don't stick objects, the same tape will show different results; such as pvc board. Metal, plastic, etc.

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