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Electromagnetic shielding materials indispensable for electronic equipment

Electronic equipment and components in the work will radiate a large number of different frequencies and wavelengths of electromagnetic waves, adjacent circuits and equipment to cause interference, will affect the normal operation of precision electronic instruments, and conductive shielding tape can effectively isolate the electromagnetic waves, thereby reducing the failure rate of precision electronic components.

Electromagnetic shielding material refers to the electromagnetic shielding function, and conductive shielding tape can effectively shield electromagnetic waves, can realize the electronic equipment and components electromagnetic compatibility, is currently widely used in solving the problem of electromagnetic interference ideal solution.

Principles of electromagnetic shielding materials

When electromagnetic waves propagate to the surface of the shielding material, the electromagnetic waves will undergo a process of reflection, absorption and attenuation. This process is part of the electromagnetic wave will be reflected, part of the electromagnetic wave will be absorbed, part of the electromagnetic wave will be attenuated in the process of passing through the shielding material. When a small amount of unattenuated electromagnetic waves propagate to another interface between the shielding material and the air, the electromagnetic waves will be reflected back to the shielding body and be re-absorbed and attenuated.

Examples of electromagnetic shielding materials used in smartphonesExamples of electromagnetic shielding materials used in personal computers

Image: Examples of electromagnetic shielding materials used in cell phones and laptops

The images above show some of the more common electromagnetic shielding materials used including conductive cloth, conductive copper foil, conductive foam, conductive sponge, conductive rubber, conductive coatings and wave-absorbing materials. Its wide range of applications, and terminal downstream industries is distributed in communications equipment, computers, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, defense industry, and other fields.

Electromagnetic shielding materials belong to the application of new materials, the upstream of the industry chain is the supplier of basic raw materials, the midstream is the electromagnetic shielding materials and devices manufacturers, downstream is widely used in communications equipment, computers, cell phone terminals, automotive electronics, household appliances, national defense industry and other terminal applications. With the progress of mobile communication technology and information technology construction continues to advance, the electronics industry has achieved a high growth development trend, electronic equipment hardware configuration is increasingly high, the processor to the direction of high-performance multi-core upgrades, the display screen large-size high-resolution trend is obvious, and the internal component structure is gradually precision, integration. Along with the continuous upgrading of electronic equipment, high frequency and high power consumption will bring higher EMI shielding protection performance requirements, promote electromagnetic shielding material product categories continue to enrich the material performance and processing technology to further upgrade.

At present, there are three main technical types of electromagnetic shielding materials, namely, conductive adhesive type, metal alloy type and micro-needle type, and the mainstream use in the market is metal alloy type electromagnetic shielding film.

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