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Industry Advantages of Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum Foil Tape It is mainly made of aluminum foil as the base material and high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, which has the features of high peel strength, good adhesion, excellent oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, good flame retardancy and strong adhesion.

It is mainly used in various electronic products such as PDAs, PDP, LCD monitor, laptop, copier, etc. where electromagnetic shielding is needed or outside the steam conduit to prevent the temperature from dissipating outward.

adhesive aluminum tape

Industry advantages of aluminum foil tape

  1. Suppresses battery polarization reduces thermal effects, and improves multiplier performance;
  2. Reducing the internal resistance of the battery and significantly reducing the dynamic internal resistance increase during cycling;
  3. Improving consistency and increasing the cycle life of the battery;
  4. Improving the adhesion between active substance and collector, reducing the manufacturing cost of pole piece;

Aluminum foil tape is not only the material but other tape is not the same, and too can also eliminate electromagnetic interference and isolation point rare wave damage to the human body. Therefore, in many electronic products and some important industry fields, generally are used in aluminum foil tape. It is also because it has unique advantages and the use of different materials, so its price is more expensive than other tapes, generally in the tens of dollars with hundreds of dollars unevenly.

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