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LCD display conductive sponge

The conductive sponge is made of conductive cloth and a conductive sponge combination of products can be made into a variety of electromagnetic sealing gaskets, such as door seals, face frame and chassis, cabinets and chassis sealing, and other equipment between the shell seal.
Conductive sponge has a long conductive period of validity, and all-electric sponge is not affected by temperature and humidity, the surface resistance value can be customized according to the actual use of such characteristics. Divided into two categories high-density and low-density.

  • High density: used for testing, and insertion of integrated circuits, can be done with high conductive packaging materials;
  • Low density: used for shockproofing, the requirements of electronic product packaging.
LCD display conductive sponge

LCD display conductive sponge Features

  • Conductive foam has very good conductivity, high shielding effectiveness, very good wear resistance, high reliability, and low price, is very ideal shielding material, installation is simple and diverse, and suitable for paste, and slot In general, conductive foam is a cost-effective excellent EMI shielding material. With corrosion resistance, it is the ideal medium material for long-term storage devices.

LCD display conductive sponge Application

  • Polyurethane substrate conductive sponge can also be used as computers, LCD monitors, laser copiers, communications equipment, cell phones, satellite communications, medical equipment, high-voltage machine testing, instrumentation, gaskets, spacers, inserts electronic products, shockproof conductive packaging. Applicable to all kinds of transformers, cell phones, computers, PDAs, PDP, LED displays, laptop computers, copiers, and other various electronic products where electromagnetic shielding is required.

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