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What is the role of conductive tape?

There are different types of adhesive tapes and different materials. Different types of tapes play different roles in our production and life. Unlike insulating tape, conductive tape is made of a metal foil or conductive cloth with a highly conductive backing, its conductive backing, and conductive substrate thus forming a complete conductive body.

conductive tape

Characteristics of conductive tape?

Conductive tape is used with a highly conductive backing metal foil or conductive cloth made of tape, its conductive backing and conductive substrate and thus form a complete conductive body, so that it can also be with any metal surface to bonding mode, the reasonable completion of the electrical overlap and gap electrical closure. We use shielding conductive tape is an affordable, and easy-to-use shielding material.

What is the role of conductive tape?

  1. Conductive tape is generally used to seal the EMI shielding room, shell and electronic equipment, the use of seams.
  2. The role of shielding for winding cables.
  3. Conductive tapes can provide a reliable grounding surface to provide electrical contact to surfaces that cannot be soldered.

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