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What is Omni-Conductive Foam

We usually have to use cell phones, computers, sports bracelets, smartwatches, and other electronic products, such electronic products are assembled with a variety of electronic materials, including an electronic material called an omnidirectional conductive sponge. An all-around conductive sponge is a conductive product, but also a product that can realize all-around conductive.

Fully conductive foam is a conductive electronic shielding materials, mainly polyethylene or modified polyethylene and conductive filler or antistatic agent through extrusion molding, and after high-temperature foaming and become. Fully conductive foam belongs to the upgrading of conductive foam products, they all belong to the conductive electronic shielding materials.

Characteristics of Omni-directional Conductive Bubbles

  1. The price will be cheaper than other conductive foams because the production cost is relatively low, so the selling price is relatively cheap. It is an upgraded product of conductive foam, the shielding effect is stronger than conductive foam.
  2. The main material for the sponge itself has a flexible, easy-to-process punching for the parcel. Applicable to a variety of places and environments.
  3. The use of conductive cloth itself is a vacuum electroplated metal substance, with good permanent conductive properties.
  4. The omnidirectional conductive sponge has good bending durability, so it is very suitable for some occasions with limited capacity and closing pressure. And contains non-flammable material, building the possibility of spontaneous combustion and fire of electronic products.
  5. The sponge in the omnidirectional conductive sponge is produced by polymer polyurethane composite material foaming technology, the foaming pore size is uniform. Soft, elastic, and corrosion resistant, the foam of the sponge elasticity of a larger amount of change, has a very good anti-shock effect.
  6. All-round conductive is based on the sponge plating conductive metal and becomes a conductive sponge back to the conductive cloth as a substrate so that the conductive adhesive can be bonded with the sponge material, to achieve the effect of all-round conductive.
  7. All-round conductive sponge using electroplating on the surface of the sponge plating, not only ensures good conductivity, but the outermost layer of the nickel layer also increases the corrosion resistance of the material.
Omni-Conductive Foam

Omni-directional conductive foam product characteristic parameter value

PropertiesTypical ValueTest Method
BackingConductive FoamN/A
AdhesiveAcrylic AdhesiveN/A
Total Thickness0.3-4.0mmFZ/T1003
Breaking Strength90MPaASTM D 1000
Adhesion Strength1.30kgf/inchASTM D 1000
Contact Resistance0.050hmM1L-G-83528
Sheild Effectiveness>70dBASTM D 4935

Construction features: Polyolefin mat board type
Features: Optional conductive adhesive backing

Polyolefin mat board type

Non-woven fabric type
Features: Inexpensive

Non-woven type

Foam type:
Features: polyester fabric + polyurethane foam + polyester non-woven fabric as one plated product, excellent vertical and horizontal conductivity and softness

Foam Type

Applications: PDP TVs, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, cell phones, notebook computers, MP3, communication cabinets, medical instruments, and other electronic products, as well as military and aerospace fields.

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