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Foam conductive tape

Conductive foam is wrapped with conductive cloth on a flame retardant sponge, and after a series of treatments, it has good surface conductivity and can be easily fixed to the required shielding device with adhesive tape. There are different profile shapes, installation methods, U-grade, and screen knockout materials to choose from.
Conductive foam can be divided by material: aluminum foil foam, conductive fiber cloth foam, gold-plated cloth foam, charcoal-plated cloth foam, etc.
Applicable thickness: 0.039"(1MM),0.060"(1.5MM),0.079"(2MM),0.098"(2.5MM),0.125"(3.2MM), width up to 0.250"(6.4MM)) Large compression range, up to 60% of the original thickness

Conductive foam according to market distinction is divided into three kinds; 1. eva conductive foam. 2. ixpe conductive foam. 3. epe anti-static foam. Three products in the eva foam and IXPE foam are permanent anti-static, and the conductive properties of the eva is not affected by external factors such as the environment. EPE is called conductive foam, but more commonly known as anti-static foam. Because of its antistatic properties only 3-6 months of timeliness, after this point in time the product does not have antistatic properties.
Electronic products in daily use will inevitably experience the problem of transportation, then we in addition to consider the problem of anti-static but also pay attention to the cushioning of the packaging shock absorption. So foam products to professional point of view, the choice of EVA foam and IXPE foam is the ideal choice.

Foam Conductive Adhesive Tape

Foam conductive tape Features

  • Its material is very light, can have the performance of electromagnetic shielding leading product static electricity protection performance both permanent. No dependence on environmental humidity and other characteristics.
  • Good resistance to both corrosion and oxidation
  • Stable performance
    Good conductivity and excellent shielding performance. The sponge is made of high temperature resistant sponge, which has good compression and good softness.
  • Support customized
    Any material, any size can be customized according to customer drawings.

Foam conductive tape Application

  • Widely used in PDP TVs, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, cell phones, notebook computers, MP3, communication cabinets, medical instruments and other electronic products, as well as military and aerospace fields.

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