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Black Conductive Cloth Tape

Black Conductive Cloth Tape

The conductive cloth is coated with highly adhesive conductive glue and baked at high temperature to make conductive cloth tape. The adhesive force can be up to 1.5KGF, and the conventional thicknesses are 0.12mm, 0.05mm, 0.2mm, and so on.

Product Name: Black Conductive Cloth Tape

Processing customization]: Yes

Characteristics: conductive, anti-radiation, electromagnetic shielding

Material: conductive cloth + conductive adhesive

Uses: cell phones, computers, PDAs, LCD monitors, cables and various electronic products.

Black Conductive Cloth Tape Data Table

Heat Resistance Temperature115-125
Melting point indexg/Min8-12g/10Min
Surface Resistance(25.4mm*50mm)Q/sq≤0.05
Adhesion— —Excellent
Shielding effectiveness(10MH2-3GH2)db≥70
Metal BondingGradeGrade ≥3
Appearance DescriptionBlack, with a flat surface, metallic luster, and essentially uniform color.

Black Conductive Cloth Tape Features

  • It has good electrical conductivity, flexibility, abrasion resistance, electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance.
  • Easy to cut and punch, no hairline, excellent adhesive properties, can be processed to customize any shape, a variety of thickness can be selected, excellent conductive shielding performance.

Black Conductive Cloth Tape Applications

  1. Daily electrical equipment shield (computer mainframe, etc.), family members daily operation of induction cookers, microwave ovens and other equipment protection, and so on;
  2. Curtains, office isolation radiation cloth (around if there are television stations, cell phone towers, high voltage lines and other high radiation equipment, it is recommended to make shielding curtains);
  3. Applicable to computers, cell phones, wires, cables and other types of electronic and electrical products, mainly in the high-frequency transmission to shield or isolate electromagnetic waves or infinite wave interference

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