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Conductive Non woven Tape

Conductive cloth tape made of polyester textile fiber Polyester material, is first plated on the high conductivity of the copper layer, in the copper layer and then plated on the anti-oxidation, corrosion-resistant nickel metal, copper and nickel combination to provide XYZ axis excellent conductivity and good electromagnetic wave shielding effect, and finally in the conductive fabric on one side coated with a layer of conductive adhesive; widely used in electronic and electrical appliances electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic and so on. 

Conductive Nonwoven Tape

Conductive Non woven Tape Features

  • Anti-interference / Wide range of applications
    Excellent anti-electromagnetic interference characteristics, suitable for CABLE, LCD, POP, cell phone wires, etc.
  • High adhesion/long-time sticking
    With high adhesion and long-time sticking characteristics, it can be directly pasted and fixed on the devices that need to be shielded.
  • Corrosion resistance / anti-penetration
    Corrosion-resistant, anti-penetration function, can prevent secondary pollution.
  • Excellent material and flexibility
    Excellent flexibility and flex resistance, metalized surface nickel-copper formed by the
Technical Data
ItemUnitTest ValueTest Method
Colorgrayvisual assessment
Thicknessm0.12±0.02Thickness Gauges
Adesive Forcegf/25mm≥1100SUS304
Shielding Effectiveness
Surface ResistanceQ/sq≤0.05MIL DTL 83528C
Top-Bottom Resistance2/in2≤0.05MIL DTL 83528C
Use Temp-10--80ASTM D 3330

Conductive Non woven Tape Application

  • Professional shielding overalls for high radiation work; special shielding fabric for shielding room; special tape for shielding parts in the T industry, etc.

Conductive Non woven Tape Storage Method

  • To avoid the appearance of damage and waterproof use a plastic bag wrapped in a cardboard box.
  • Because it will be affected by humidity and temperature, avoid direct light and high temperature when storing. When the temperature is low in winter, it will be better to use it after 24 hours indoors (temperature 20-25 degrees, humidity 65%).
  • The shelf life is 10 months.

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