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Conductive fabric adhesive tapes for electronic shielding

Conductive cloth is made of fiber cloth (generally used polyester cloth) as the base material, and after the pre-treatment, metal plating is applied to make it have metal characteristics and become a conductive fiber cloth. It can be divided into nickel-plated conductive cloth, gold-plated conductive cloth, carbon-plated conductive cloth, and aluminum foil fiber composite cloth. The appearance of the plain and grid distinction. 

Conductive fabric adhesive tapes for electronic shielding

Conductive fabric adhesive tapes for electronic shielding Features

Conductive cloth tape combines the conductive shielding properties of conductive cloth with the soft, and snug properties of tape, but is also thin and durable. In dynamic friction and corrosion-prone environments, it still has a good shielding effect. It is a good shielding material with a wide range of applications.

  1. Good anti-friction performance, up to 5,000,000 times (NF35B050, ASTM D 4966).
  2. Good metal bonding and Z-directional conductivity. 3.
  3. Good processability (NF35B050): soft texture, no burr in slitting, handprint dirt resistance, anti-oxidation treatment

Conductive fabric adhesive tapes for electronic shielding Application

  • Conductive cloth tape for computers, cell phones, wires, cables, and other types of electronic and electrical products, mainly in high-frequency transmission to shield or isolate the interference of electromagnetic waves or infinite waves.

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