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Black conductive tape

Conductive cloth tape is made of high-strength polyester fabric coated with highly conductive copper and nickel metal and then coated with highly conductive acrylic self-adhesive.

  • Material: polyester fiber cloth
  • Adhesive system: conductive adhesive
  • Product specification: (Can be slit any other width.)
Black conductive cloth tape

Black conductive tape Features

  • It has excellent flexibility, electrical conductivity, wear resistance, and high-temperature resistance, and also has extremely good adhesion.
  • Soft conductive fabric + high viscous glue with good adhesion and no gluing
  • The width can be customized
  • Good anti-interference conductivity
  • Can be punched and sliced to improve efficiency

Black conductive tape Application

Product use: Used in a large number of notebooks, CABLE wire LCD, POP wire, cell phone wire, and EMI shielding Good effect.

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