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Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum Foil Tape

Metal foil tape is a type of adhesive tape that is made of a thin layer of metal foil (usually aluminum) coated with an adhesive on one side. This type of tape is commonly used for a wide range of applications in various industries, including construction, aerospace, automotive, and electronics.
Aluminum Foil Tape is an industrial tape, using high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, not only good adhesion, strong adhesion, anti-aging, and thermal insulation performance is greatly enhanced, the specifications are (0.05mm-0.08mm)* various widths and lengths.
Aluminum foil tape with all the aluminum foil composite materials of the joints paste, insulation nail puncture at the sealing and repair of damage, is the main raw and auxiliary materials of the refrigerator, and freezer production plant, but also the insulation material distribution department must purchase raw materials. Widely used in refrigerators, air aprons, automobiles, petrochemicals, bridges, hotels, electronics, and other industries.

Aluminum Foil Tape Features

  • Resists Flame, Moisture, Weather, and UV Degradation.
  • Works well in moisture conditions.
  • Tape provides a durable bond at low and high temperatures.
  • Conformable backing and pressure-sensitive adhesive mean it is designed to adhere properly to a variety of smooth and irregular surfaces.
  • Acts as a vapor barrier to ensure the integrity of the insulation system
  • High tensile strength premium aluminum foil

Aluminum Foil Tape Applications

  • HVAC duct insulation and sealing.
  • Electrical grounding and shielding in electronics.
  • Pipe and ductwork insulation and sealing.
  • Automotive and aerospace applications, such as sealing and repairing metal surfaces.
  • Radiant heat barrier for walls and attics.
  • The base material of aluminum foil tape is aluminum foil, while the adhesive layer uses high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive. Aluminum foil insulation performance is excellent, when used in electronic products, but also can effectively shield electromagnetic, and isolate electromagnetic wave damage to the human body, to prevent unnecessary voltage and current from affecting the normal use of electronic products.
  • Aluminum foil tape is commonly used in all kinds of transformers, laptops, computers, cell phones, PDP, PDA, LED displays, photocopiers, and other various electronic products, is to plays an electromagnetic shielding function. And it can be used outside the vapor conduit to avoid temperature loss. Aluminum tape is made of polyester fiber, which is not easy to be cracked or damaged after repeated use or bending, and it can be easily wrapped and attached to the wire and also can be cut into various specifications according to customers' requirements.

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