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Aluminum Fiberglass Cloth Tape

Aluminum Fiberglass Cloth Tape

Name: Aluminum Foil Tape with Glass Fiber Cloth

Material: glass fiber cloth + aluminum foil

Length: 20 meters

Thickness: 0.15MM

Color:  silver

Temperature resistance: high-temperature resistance

Specification: various specifications (can be customized)

Aluminum Fiberglass Cloth Tape Features

  • Tear Resistant / Strong Tensile Strength / Doesn't Break Easily
  • Resistant to temperature and corrosion, sealed against water vapor

Aluminum Fiberglass Cloth Tape Applications

  1. It can be used to wrap the air ducts, such as the ducts in a place where there is a hole, can be wrapped with aluminum foil adhesive.
  2. It can be used to repair some gaps, if there is a crack in the pipe of refrigerator or steam, it can be pasted with aluminum foil adhesive.
  3. It has the effect of heat preservation, which can effectively prevent the heat from radiating.
  4. With anti-radiation effect, is widely used in the electronics industry.
Aluminum Foil Tape Application (4)Aluminum Foil Tape Application (5)

Precautions for use

  1. Before using the glass fiber aluminum foil tape, clean the part of the substrate to be used. Remove the floating dust and stains. Because it is usually used in electronic products, it can not be wiped with water or a wet cloth, but should be cleaned with a dry cloth or a dry brush.
  2. Once cleaned up, you can peel off the fiberglass foil tape and start working. Glass fiber aluminum foil tape is used in high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, adhesive is very strong, so to determine the need to connect the location, otherwise sticky crooked and then re-s down is more trouble.
  3. After pasting the most fingers in the glass fiber aluminum foil tape on the repeated pressure a few times, so that the adhesive layer to give full play to the role of the bond is tight enough. If there is excess adhesive overflow on the edge of the tape, use a razor blade to remove it carefully.

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