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aluminum foil self-adhesive

aluminum foil self-adhesive

Aluminum foil self-adhesive refers to a type of aluminum foil that has a self-adhesive backing. This means that the foil has a layer of adhesive on one side that allows it to stick to surfaces without the need for any additional glue or tape.

aluminum foil self-adhesive Data Sheet

MaterialConductive aluminum foil with conductive adhesive
Width1-4 inches
Length50-100 feet
Tensile strength50-60 N/cm
Temperature resistance-30 to 150 degrees Celsius
Flame retardancyYes
UV resistanceYes
Chemical resistanceGood
Water resistanceExcellent
Heat conductivityHigh
Electrical conductivityExcellent

aluminum foil self-adhesive Features

  • UV Resistance
  • Dead-soft, general purpose, aluminum foil backed tape with a paper liner designed for maximum adhesion over clean, dry surfaces. It features a high tack, pressure sensitive, rubber adhesive which is ideally suited for difficult to adhere to surfaces such as low energy substrates.
  • Outstanding Durability.
  • Excellent Adhesion provides and airtight waterproof, no residue.
  • Available in different width and thickness for various construction needs

aluminum foil self-adhesive Applications

  • Eliminate the effect of EMI
  • Avoid unnecessary current and voltage
  • Self-adhesive aluminum foil tape used in fridges, air conditioners, automotive, bridges, hotels, electronic industries etc
  • Ideal for transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDAs, PDP, LCD monitors, PC, copiers, etc.

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