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Double-sided conductive copper foil tape

Double-sided conductive copper foil tape

Double-sided conductive copper tape S09-06 is made of 0.025 mm copper foil coated with 0.035 mm pressure-sensitive or conductive adhesive. It is a metal tape, mainly used for electromagnetic shielding.

  • Name: Single and double conductor copper foil tape
  • Glue: acrylic glue
  • Thickness: 0.05MM 0.06MM 0.1MM can be customized
  • Base material: copper foil
  • Short-term temperature resistance: 100 degrees
  • Width: Customizable
  • Scope of application: PDA, PDP, LCD monitor Computer, cell phone, etc. electromagnetic shielding
  • Characteristics: Strong adhesion, high-temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, EMI shielding, anti-interference, anti-radiation

Double-sided conductive copper foil tape Features

  • Excellent conductivity, electromagnetic shielding
    The copper foil has low surface oxygen characteristics and can be attached to a variety of substrates such as metals, insulation materials, etc., and has a wide temperature range Mainly used in electromagnetic shielding and antistatic applications, the Conductive copper foil is placed on the substrate surface and combined with the metal substrate with a metallic substrate to provide excellent conductivity and electromagnetic shielding. The conductive copper foil is placed on the substrate surface and combined with the metal base material to provide excellent conductivity and electromagnetic shielding.
  • Good insulating properties, easy to peel
    Prevent collector corrosion and oxidation; improve Collector surface tension, enhance the collector coating performance; can replace higher cost high-cost etched foil or replace the standard foil with a thinner foil. Replace the standard foil with a thinner one.

Double-sided conductive copper foil tape Application

  1. Punching and slicing use
    Large factory floors often use copper sheet material to manufacture products The copper shrinkage tape is used to make slices for production, which both greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs, economical and economical and practical.
  2. Cell phone signal shielding use
    Due to the characteristics of copper provincial tape with electrical signal shielding and magnetic signal shielding, some common communication tools should not be used on specific occasions, after special treatment, they can be carried into special occasions.
  3. Liquid crystal display use
    Copper foil is usually used in the production of broadband and communication markets to paste electronic products. electronic products, including LCD TVs, computer monitors, flat panel computers, etc. The main function is to eliminate electrical interference.
  4. Use of electrical and mechanical equipment
    There is electromagnetic and ultraviolet radiation everywhere in our daily life. Use copper foil tape to shield electromagnetic, shield the object being protected products.

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